Born: Stockholm, Sweden
Settled: Stockholm


1993–99 Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design - Master of Fine Arts - Stockholm, Sweden (5 years)

1990-91 / 2002-03: Nordic writing school, Biskops Arnö, Bålsta, Sweden (2 years)

1989-90 / 91-92: Art school Idun Lovén, Stockholm, Sweden (2 years)

Additional education

2007: Going Public - About public art and design, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden

2004-06: Literary studies, Södertörn University, Sweden

Selected solo exhibitions

2023 (10/11-15/12 2023) From her mouth - Philomela, S P G, susanne pettersson gallery, Stockholm, Sweden. Philomela in Greek mythology

2019 (dec - jan 2020) The artist's Mecca, S P G, susanne pettersson gallery, Stockholm, Sweden. The artist's situation in society

2019 Labyrinth - Mother in me, CYAN Studio / Gallery, Oslo, Norway. The mother. Reading by Tolis of her own poetry

2017 My family is my family is my family, S P G, susanne pettersson gallery, Stockholm, Sweden. Family ties and constellations

2014 The remnants of the home as memorystream, S P G, susanne pettersson gallery, Stockholm, Sweden. Proximity and distance to the Greek family heritage

2011 But why dost thou shriek so loud? S P G, susanne pettersson gallery, Stockholm, Sweden. Greek mythology figures in space

2010 Anatomie de ma mère / My mother's anatomy, Candyland, Sweden. The Archaic Mother based on Julia Kristeva's theory of the Mother's body (and the Father's law)

2002 Together, Galleri Kretsen, Södertälje, Sweden. Nightmares, Rorschach tests and being trapped in the body

2000 Texts in space, Forsbacka bruk, Gävle, Sweden, Creativity and Sylvia Plath's poems: The Nauseating Grossesse

1999 A room with a view, Galleri Atlasmuren, Stockholm. The grandmother's house interiors and exteriors. Gynekokrati (photo), and the sound installation: Smallest little waterbag.

Selected group exhibitions

2020 The girls, Stuff it, homage-exhibition After image, Peter Geschwind, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden

2019 I look at myself, de-Hydrated, CYAN Studio / Gallery, Oslo, Norway, and the Norwegian Institute at Athens, Greece

2014 Search! Fujisawa, Japan.

2012 Conversations in the control room. Sweden's general art association (SAK) art exhibition, Sven Harry's Art Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

2007 Lion's nest, Beckomberga, Stockholm, Sweden. A public artwork for Beckomberga, focusing on the area's history with the mental hospital located there

2006 In her clothes, AREAS: Memorial sites, Röda Sten Konsthall, Göteborg, Sweden. The grandmother's life

2006 The rejoicing animal's wandering cheek. Tolis was part of a collective poem and a poetry reading at Tribunalen Theater, by Lyrikvännen Magazine and the literary group SKAM, Stockholm, Sweden

2005 In her clothes, AREAS: Memorial sites, Skulpturens hus, Stockholm, Sweden. The grandmother's life

2004 Warmest to the heart, Rättviks konsthall, Rättvik, Sweden. The grandmother's clothes and things

2001 Video installation, Enkehuset Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2000 Language is a virus from outer space. A poetry reading of poems by Tolis among the art works. Norrköpings konstmuseum, Norrköping, Sweden

1998 Love is..., Modern Art Gallery, London, England, Multiple of a father-daughter belt in 25 copies

Selected Publications

2021 Balder Magazine, Mother and I - She just keeps living (text, photographs)
2020 Konstnären (The Artist) Magazine, I always wished, I never had (text, photographs)
2019 Balder Magazine, Mother, take care during the journey (text, photographs)
2018 Pralin Magazine, Their (short story)
2018 Balder Magazine, She is everything (text, photograps)
2018 Balder Magazine, Moments inside moments (poem, watercolor painting)
2017 Balder Magazine, The heavy alphabet of the waves (poem, watercolor painting)
2016 Balder Magazine, My questions are like ingenious roses (text, photographs)
2015 Dagens Industri Magazine, With daughters, I had probably become a terrorist (Tolis' photo Gynekokrati with the interview with Ebba Witt-Brattström)
2015 Balder Magazine, This day's poem (poem, watercolor painting)
2015 Balder Magazine, Balder, the editor and the future. Interview with Mats Ahlberg
2015 Balder Magazine, Greece (poem, watercolor painting)
2014 Glänta Magazine, The Aegean sea or anus of death, translation of a greek poem
2014 Balder Magazine, Mr Karube, and I find out that I have a destiny (text, photographs)
2014 Balder Magazine, The paradox's possible rapprochement - Conversation with Theodor Kallifatides (text, photographs)
2013 Balder Magazine, I who would be filled with love - In memory of the poet Ola Julén (text)
2013 Balder Magazine, The prison of beauty (text, photographs)
2012 Balder Magazine, He only needed a pen, his life was to write (text about the Greek father, photograph)
2012 Balder Magazine, We are breathing inte the animal world (text, photograph)
2011 Balder Magazine, A lawnmowers' considerations (text, photograph)
2008 OEI Magazine, Sewing processes (poems)
2006 Lyrikvännen Magazine, Edith, I'm impatient, The roads home, the home movement is in the body (poems)
2006 Trots allt Magazine, Let me talk about melancholy (poems)
2006 D-thesis in Literature about Mare Kandre's novel Bübins unge: Everything that comes between me and writing, I'm killing
2005 Lyrikvännen Magazine, Collective poem: The rejoicing animal's wandering cheek
2005 C-thesis in Literature about Mare Kandre's novel Bübins unge
2000 Bang Magazine (photographs)
1999 Presens Art magazine, Konstfack answering Anna Brodow, debate article on art by Sofia Tolis
1992 Ordfront Magazine, Four empty chairs, The basement and Tomorrow dinner (short prose texts)
1990 Anthology, editor: Niklas Darke

Selected Reviews

2019 Dagens Nyheter, Birgitta Rubin: "Här flyger stekta sparvar in i konstnärsmunnen" (Here, fried sparrows fly into the artist's mouth)
2014 Dagens Nyheter, Birgitta Rubin, "Hemmet i våra minnen och drömmar" (Home in our memories and dreams)
2014, Anders Olofsson: "Sofia Tolis och Therese Szatek på SP Gallery" (Sofia Tolis and Therese Szatek at SP Gallery, S.P.G, susanne pettersson gallery)
2006 Göteborgsposten, review on art exhibition "AREAS: Memorial sites" 
2005 Dagens Nyheter, Milou Allerholm, "Innergårdar i ytterstad" (Courtyards in the suburbs)
2004 Dala-demokraten, Bo Degerman: "Varmt om hjärtat, en högst personlig fråga i Rättvik" (Warmest to the heart, a highly personal question in Rättvik)
2002 Länstidningen Södertälje , Maria Albel: "Sofia Tolis insekter" (Sofia Tolis' insects) 
2000 Norrköpings tidningar, Eva Lindblad: "Dikter bland konstverken (Poems among the art works)
2000 Gefle Dagblad, Stina Andersson: "Texter i rummet - om skapande i allmänhet och Sylvia Plath i synnerhet" (Texts in the room - about creation in general and Sylvia Plath in particular)
2000 Arbetarbladet, review on Sofia Tolis' solo exhibition "Texts in space"

Additional products

2017 "Faderskorus" (Father's Chorus), 50 minutes. A sound installation with documentary material of Tolis' conversation with her father about his writing. Cutting, sampling and sound effects by the musician Billie Lindahl.
2012 Lecture/ talk: "Mina ord är så dyrbara" (Precious are my words), Mare Kandre-evening, ABF-huset Sveavägen, Palme-salen / The Olof Palme Hall
2011 Became a member of the cultural magazine Balder's editorial board
2007 Participating with Tolis' MJM Propaganda documentary material to the movie: "Hitmusik, Konsten att sätta rytm till revolt" (Hit music, The art of putting rhythm to revolt), Råfilm
2004  Creating, filming, cutting the music video "Vetande" (Knowledge), Svenska Akademien / The Swedish Academy
2004 Editor of a Short Film Festival at Södra Teatern, Kägelbanan, Stockholm
2002 Participation with the music video: Coconut woman by Tolis at 1394 Video festival at Zita, Stockholm
2002 Creation of a Back Drop-Video to the music group MJM Propaganda's music show (40 min)
2001 Creating, filming, cutting the music video: "Coconut woman" to the music group Moder Jords Massiva Propaganda (MJM Propaganda)
1999 / 2005 Participating with the sound installation "Smallest little water bag" in a program about sound poets: "Smallest little water bag" by Britt Edwall Radio Sweden, Program 1

Selected scholarships

2022 Studio Art Scholarship, The cultural administration of Stockholm City
2020 The Artists' Committee under the Ministry of Culture, 2-years Working scholarship
2018 Studio Art Scholarship, The cultural administration of Stockholm City
2016 The Artists' Committee under the Ministry of Culture, Project scholarship
2015 Studio Art Scholarship, The cultural administration of Stockholm City
2012 Tigerstedt's Art Scholarship, Vathis cultural house on the island of Samos, Grecce
2011 Studio Art Scholarship, The cultural administration of Stockholm City
2010 The Artists' Committee under the Ministry of Culture, Working scholarship
2010 Helge Ax:son Johnsson's art foundation, Greece, To dig where I stand
2003 Helge Ax:son Johnsson's art foundation, USA: On duty, To walk in my mothers footsteps
2003 Hälsingland cultural administration's scholarship
1999 Helge Ax:son Johnsson's art foundation, Grekland-Greece, To walk in my fathers footsteps
1999 Rättvik Municipality's scholarship


Sweden's general art association (SAK)
The Pharmacist's Art Association
Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden
Söderberg Stockholm AB, Architect company
Nordea bank Art Association
Private collections

Avilable art works at: S P G, susanne pettersson gallery, Gävlegatan 10b, Stockholm, Sweden
More about the artist: Konstkalendern and: Wikipedia "Svenska konstnärer"